What is Class SSA
Single Stage High Efficiency Switching DC-AC Power Inverter (Amplifier)
    For almost a century, power amplification was limited to Class-A, Class-AB and Class-D topologies. However, the industry is abuzz with a new ground-breaking technology that brings both power and potential while accommodating the needs of the 21st century: Single Stage Class-SSA technology. Boasting performance unmatched by its predecessors, Class-SSA stands out through features such as:
-  A single stage power conversion instead of the traditional DC-DC power
   supply, rectifier, filtering and amplifier sections.
-  Zero cross over distortion.
-  System isolation via a high frequency transformer.
-  Bidirectional power which allows inductance load energy to return to
   primary power supply.
-  ZVS, ZCS soft switching.
-  Up to 96% ultra-high efficiency during DC-AC power conversion.
-  Lack of E-cap on amplifier board for longer product life.
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About Us

    Established in Hong Kong, REDX International Technology LTD is one of the latest entrants to the field of power technology. Dedicated to using innovative power technology to change people’s lives, USD 15 million has been invested into its star product, the proprietary new technology which is the Single Stage High Efficiency Switching DC-AC Power Inverter.

    Named as Class-SSA (Single Stage Switching Class A) technology, the new topology will replace Class-D and Class- AB in various applications, including audio amplifiers, DC-AC inverters, and AC drivers. As a result, we offer you the perks of higher system efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight, and a much longer system lifetime.